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Insect frass - organic plant fertilize, care and protection

Insect frass  - organic plant fertilize, care and protection
Insect frass - organic plant fertilize, care and protection
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Insect Frass is a balanced fertilizer and biostimulant for use in rooting, vegetative and flowering stages. Made from insect exoskeletons and excrement, Insect Frass is full of beneficial microbial life and chitin – the substance that sets frass apart from other fertilizers. Chitin stimulates the plant's defense response leading to increased resistance to pests and disease, replenished microbe populations and boosted yields at harvest.

Benefits of Insect Frass:

• 100% organic fertilizer registered with the CDFA and WSDA.

• Comparable nutrient content to guanos and earthworm castings.

• Boosts plants' immune response.

• Perfect for indoor and hydroponic growing.

Applying Insect Frass is a simple way to reduce pest insect populations, provide balanced plant nutrition and promote increased harvests. Use in most growing environments including hydroponics.

For best results, pre-mix into a growing media or soil when planting. If plants or already started, mix Insect Frass to water and apply as a root drench. Insect Frass can also be applied as a top dressing, in hydroponic systems, as a foliar spray and to transplanting holes.

Application Rates

Transplanting Add a pinch of Insect Frass and mycorrhizae under the roots.

Pre-Mix Add 1 cup of Insect Frass per cubic foot (or 7 gallons) of planting media prior to planting. It should be less than 1% by volume. Beginning in week 4, top dress or root drench weekly.

Hydroponics Add 2 cups of Insect Frass per 30 gallons of water (strain for drip systems). Top dress any grow media (Coco, Clay Pellets, etc.) Add directly to reservoir for ebb and flow or flood to drain systems.

Top Dress Sprinkle over root zone and water in thoroughly.

Root Drench Add between 1 tablespoon and a 1/2 cup of Insect Frass per gallon of water.

Foliar Feed Add 4 teaspoons of Insect Frass for each gallon of water (1 teaspoon per quart). Shake and let sit for 30 minutes. Strain and apply.

Compost Tea Add 1 cup per 15 gallons of tea (1 tablespoon per gallon) to achieve a fungal dominant tea. Apply as a root drench.

Kill Fungus Gnats Lightly spinkle Insect Frass over the entire root zone. Add 1/2 cup of Insect Frass per gallon of water. Shake and let sit for 30 minutes, then apply as a root drench

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